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Lapel pins and Badge Maintenance

1, If the badge is dirty, first wipe off the surface of the metal badge dirt, encountered stubborn strong dirt, will use cleaning fluid to clean.

2. If there is rust in the badge collection, it should be derusted according to the size and circumstances. Generally, it should be derusted with toothbrush and toilet cleaner.In derusting should be lightly brushed back and forth until the rust is the standard.Generally speaking, large area removes rust to use clear toilet agent better, and small area USES toothpaste to want a few better.However in the time of derusting to be careful not to be too heavy, gently brush, so as not to remove the badge surface.

3. After the dirt and rust are removed, check whether the badge collection is damaged.Generally speaking the enamel that ages very long and get together grease bake paint to love to fall off quite, if discover to have the place of breakage, should remedy in time, with glue besmear is in craze or paint flaky place, can reinforce paint so.

The specific method is as follows: with 101 instantaneous bond mixture, make a small amount of glue drop in crack and drop paint place bond.Because this kind of adhesive fast and colorless transparent, especially suitable for repair work.After the use of the badge, the surface of the paint has been strengthened, but basically can not see the imprint of the glue after the reinforcement.The effect was perfect.This method must be very small amount of glue, this is to pay special attention to.

Then to protect after rust removal and repair damage badge, badge in surface spray a layer of wax, spray place after a period of time, it will naturally form a protective film, both on the metal surface rust layer, and soften the paint, effectively prevent craze, continue to aging, can also increase the surface brightness, make your lape. pins and badges  more beautiful.